Cheaw Hwei Low

Head of Design

Philips ASEAN Pacific and Design Consulting, Asia · Singapore

Mr Low Cheaw Hwei is Head of Design for Philips ASEAN Pacific and Design Consulting for Asia. He is also the Head of Government and Public Affairs for Philips in Singapore. Currently on the Philips ASEAN Pacific and Philips Experience Design management team, Cheaw Hwei looks after the overall direction of design in the region. He leads the company’s pivot to a design-led transformation as Philips, a leader in healthcare technology, moves towards experience and solutions-based innovation. His second role brings synergy in driving both design and innovation initiatives into the work that Philips does with the public sector in Singapore.


Having held various creative and management roles in the Netherlands, Hong Kong and Singapore, Cheaw Hwei has spearheaded Philips Experience Design’s directions in design management, creative and brand design strategies. Prior to his current role, Cheaw Hwei held key design roles, such as Chief Design Officer for Philips Consumer Electronics. He was also Creative Director and Head of Product and Service Design for Philips global.


An accomplished designer himself, Cheaw Hwei continues to lead his teams to create design solutions that bring business benefits and success, while also gaining international recognition through global awards such as iF, Red Dot including the Singapore President’s Design awards.


Over the years, Cheaw Hwei has served as chair, advisory and board member to multi-disciplinary platforms such as the Design Singapore Council Board, Singapore Design Masterplan 2025 Committee, Singapore’s Committee for Future Economy for innovation and capability development, ICSID World Design Congress, various institutes of higher learning for design, and judged at international design competitions. He is currently chairperson of Design Education Advisory Committee (DEAC) a national level initiative set up to push the agenda of design into industry and education sector.


An industry thought leader, Cheaw Hwei frequently helms keynotes and presentations at various design and innovation forums. He was recently awarded Singapore’s Public Service Medal for his contributions to design through education.